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The outline of the idea of  ”The Young People’s Ark”

 We often notice a modern man who is looking for the answer to the two fundamental questions: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Where am I going?’ He also asks himself the question about the existence of God in various ‘ways:’ by his openness to beauty and truth, by his moral sense, freedom, voice of conscience, his quest for endlessness and happiness. All the time the man is discovering particular ‘roads’ leading to knowledge about the sense of his life. “The Ark” is to become the place, where this man will find the truth about himself.


The man always finds and expresses this truth through culture and simultaneously, he contributes to its formation. Moreover, it is culture that shapes the man during his attempts of discovering the truth about himself present in man’s life.


The process of discovering himself and the aim of his life together with its beauty, good and truth also becomes the ‘road,’ which already leads to the growth into humanity and to the man’s saving rediscovery reflected in man-made culture in a material and spiritual way. In this context, “The Ark” is not only the place, but most of all, the dynamic community of people searching for fullness of humanity both in an individual and group dimension.


On our way to discover fullness of humanity, we can together grow into the creation of various relations, especially on the personal, social, religious and cross-cultural grounds. We can also together build the amicable world with the help of universal, Christian values and  richness of the Gospel.


Our life and its Creator invite every human being to look for his/her own sense of life. We should carry out this search both individually and in groups, in sense of responsibility before God and/or our own conscience. This invitation is aimed at those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty, and also at unbelievers who notice these universal values in other sources.


Therefore, in the search of our sense of life, we must follow the abilities of the human brain and God who constantly meets us halfway and is present among us. Being open to the dialogue with other religions, philosophy and science, we are certain that in this search we can meet all the people (also irreligious and atheists), unify our strength and together wander towards fullness of humanity. In our common wanderings, we can also discover dignity of human being who expresses himself/herself through moral life.


”The Young People’s Ark” in its material form is being built on the Tripoint, the symbolic place because of its location, where Polish, Czech and Slovakian borders meet. 




                                                                                              Bielsko-Biala, 29 February 2012