PRACE KONKURSOWE ‘Let’s Write The Exceptional Story!’ (I -VII miejsce)

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PRACE KONKURSOWE  ‘Let’s Write The Exceptional Story!’


Prace, pierwsze siedem miejsc, są opublikowane w wersji oryginalnej przesłanej przez uczestników.


I miejsce

Jolanta Biegańska  14 lat (18 / 20 pkt.

Zespół Szkół Towarzystwa Salezjańskiego w Oświęcimiu




Close Encounters of the Third Kind”


            One Day my friend decided to change his life… Never before had he thought about it, but a strange coincidence on Friday 13th decided for him.


            It was a cloudy winter day. Freezing raindrops and very low temperature hampered any walk outside. Apart from that John decided, that his sick passion of jogging every day was more important, so he wrapped himself up and opened the door. Icy wind hit his head making it hard and even impossible to breath smoothly. Despite the fact, John had bravery resisted cruel weather conditions and went downstairs.


            Suddenly he saw a strange flash of light and heard a crack. Something punched his leg, so he knowled in pain and cursed badly.  When he regained his consciousness, he looked down and saw a shining ball, which started moving.


            John caught a glimpse of small sparkling eyes and a viral, funny tail on “balls” body. His joy didn’t last long, because suddenly all over the place was swarmed by units wearing dark, sinister overalls, the same as people wear in movies about deadly virus. They had masks and thick gloves on.


            The last thing which John remembered was a click, after that came darkness. He woke up in an unknown place, in a room with completely white walls and only one chair in the middle. “Ball” was sitting on it.


            He heard thrilling voice: ”I chose you. You are the One. You have to take care of me or I gonna die”. John decided to stay, because invisible force pushed him into the arms of this oddly hypnotizing shine. The shine of this Being…








II miejsce         

Martyna Fiedor  16 lat   (16 / 20 pkt.)


Dwujęzyczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące

im. Władysława Kopalińskiego


                            w  Bielsku - Białej






 It was an unforgettable meeting during a moonless night. Having eaten supper, I went to bed.  As a child I had a lot of dreams about ghosts therefore I had never got asleep before my mother came home so I left the light on.




Suddenly I woke up after  few minutes. The light was turned off and I saw somebody in the corner of the room. At first, I thought it was my mum but after a while I realized that it was a girl from my childhood dreams. I said nothing but stare at her. She was dressed elegantly and her face was pale, but her big, green eyes and curly, long hair drew my attention. The sight of her send shiver down on my spine. Unexpectedly she whispered:


   -‘I came to receive help from you.’


   -‘What can I do ?’ ‘ I asked her shyly.


   - ‘I am looking for my teddy bear. It’s in the attic, in the chest.’


The light turned on. I saw my mum in the door. Thinking that I had a dream I felt asleep. In the morning I rushed upstairs, ran through the door to the chest. I opened it and at the bottom I found a teddy bear. Next night I was sleeping with the teddy bear. The girl reappeared and said:


   -‘Thank you. I couldn’t join my friends without him. Goodbye.’


   - ‘Wait ! Who are you ?’- I asked.


   - ‘I am Theresa.’  she said and disappeared.




Next morning I told my mum that I had a dream about girl named Theresa and she said:


  - ‘Your grandmother had twin sister, Theresa, who was killed with her classmates during the II World War. The only thing which is left after her is a teddy bear.’


   - ‘I met my aunt Theresa. Sit down, I’ll tell you about.’ 






III miejsce   Julianna Śpiewak   13 lat     15 / 20 pkt.


Gimnazjum Mistrzostwa Sportowego "Edu-Sport"

w Bielsku-Białej






‘It Was an Unforgettable Meeting’




It was an unforgettable meeting… One day, Alex and her brothers , John and Jonatan went to the Kopernik Museum . While visiting , John suddenly saw a huge dome. In the front of it there was a warning : “Do not enter. Out of order “. However , John didn’t care and entered. Siblings started to worry and look for John. Immediately, they heard brother’s voice and looked into the dome. Alex tried to push him out and then, John pressed a red button . Earth started to quake for a while and when it stopped, children went out of the machine.


They were terrified , but everything was in it’s place. But when they went out of the building , they had a feeling like living in other times. Going to the market they saw people in medieval clothes and horse carriages. Alex saw a man looking out of one. He said “come in , I will help you”. Alex felt insecure finally she went inside and her brothers followed her. Alex realiested that she knew the man’s face from the history books . On the gate they went through there was written “ King Henry VIII’s Mansion “. Alex realised what was going to happen – she was in a huge danger. Henry said she was going to be his seventh wife and if she wouldn’t agree , she would end like his previous wives. Jonatan started to shout. Henry made brothers leave the mansion. He was face to face with Alex. Alex didn’t agree with his offer , so Henry angrily commanded his executioner to burn the girl at the stake.
She was already on the stake and shouting loudly when she heard Jonatan’s voice : “ Be quiet Alex , I want to sleep !






 IV miejsce   Barbara Malicka  18 lat       14 / 20 pkt.


         3LO ZSZ Towarzystwa Salezjańskiego w Oświęcimiu






It was an unforgettable meeting on a quite forgettable Saturday morning. This memory is just stuck in my head maybe because I met a living legend then and there. Feeling profoundly deadbeat from my overlong jog run and dreaming of cold coke I stopped by the café. Intending only to grab the drink and leave I bumped into an old man in the doorway.


“Do you know what my name is?” he asked. There was something extraordinary about him which I couldn’t put my fingers on.


“I’m sorry but no” I believe I was still tired from the run. He just looked lost in his thought.


“Poor thing, do not trouble yourself.  I’m sure my name will come back to me. I don’t miss it so much as long as I remember all about my characters”, he laughed. I just stared at him blankly. “Is he crazy?” I was wondering still trying to remember how I know the man.


Too shocked to engage in polemic with this strange man I asked “Your characters?”


“I’ll eat my hat if you will remember today’s TV news but you remember every single minute with your first love” I nodded. He smiled at me “Liam was head over heels in love with Lisa but he kept that under his hat… “And then something flicker in his eyes. “I’ve got it! My wife is waiting at this funky hat store! No minute to call my own. “And he rushed down the street hurriedly.


            And here comes the ending. Recovering from the shock I looked  those characters’ names up in the Net and discovered that I had just meet JJ. Smart the famous fantasy writer suffering from Alzheimer and instantly wished our talk had been a bit longer.






 V miejsce     Paulina Ponikiewska 15 lat          13 / 20 pkt.

Gimnazjum Mistrzostwa Sportowego "Edu-Sport"

w Bielsku-Białej




‘One Day My Friend Decided to Change His Life’


One day my friend decided to change his life. His names was Max Tricks. He was a tall and handsome boy. He had dark hair and green eyes. We met in high school when we were 17 years old and we were like brother and sister for each other. He was very funny and vivacious, but until one day when...


He started to miss school and he wasn't answering the phone so I was concerned. One day I decided to meet him at home. When I saw him I was really scared. He was beat-up and had a black-eye. I couldn't stutter out a word. When I finally got my voice back I asked:


“ What happened?! ”


He was confused and he looked away


“ Oh... It's nothing... ”


“ Come on Max! Don't beat about the bush... “


And he told me everything. He knew that he could trust me.


It started at Tom's party. Max met one girl there who liked him very much. He wanted to impress her so he pretended to be a tough guy and he started to take drugs. He didn't expect that he was going to like this. But he wasn't rich. He wanted to stop but he couldn't. It was stronger than him. He knew that he would be in trouble. At last they got him and assaulted.


“ Oh my God... “ - I couldn't say anything more.


He decided that he would dry out. He really wanted to change his live and start from scratch.


After one year of hard work he broke himself of the bad habit. During therapy I visited him regularly and I think that helped him during this difficult time. Now he is like a dog with two tails, he has got a beautifull wife and lovely children. I have never left him and we will be best friends the end of the world.










V miejsce ex eaquo  Maciej Żak 18 lat        13 / 20 pkt.


3LO ZSZ Towarzystwa Salezjańskiego w Oświęcimiu



„I will never forget that person”, I hissed angrily shutting the door down. “Never”, I reapeted as I couldn’t stop my anger.


A few days before I’d been wandering aimlessly as I had  plenty of time to my bus. I came across a stranger who looked like unprivileged. He asked me for help. The man told me a moving story about him and his family. It touched me so deeply that I made up my mind to do something to help these poor people at all costs. I asked him to give me some clue how I could help them. Bashfully, the stranger asked me for money. Unfortunately, I was broken so I couldn’t give him anything but I promised the man that I would bring him money in week at the same time and place that we had met.


In the evening I sent out e-mails to my friends with ask for help. Also I organised a charity event in which we raised money for the homeless. I took pride in doing something useful for people in need. As time passes me and my friends collected more and more money for the family. After few days I met the man. I handed him the money. The man had been so moved that he didn’t known how to thank me and I was extremely joyful that I could help that family. Two days later my point of view turned dramatically.


Coming back home I saw the guy that I had helped going out of  the restaurant. Not only was it the most expensive restaurant in the city but also he was accompanied by two girls. I came home so nervous that I  realized that the man was a cheat and that I had been so gullible.




  VI miejsce   Katarzyna Stekla  15 lat    12 / 20 pkt.

                      Gimnazjum Mistrzostwa Sportowego "Edu-Sport" w Bielsku-Białej




‘I Will Never Forget That Person’


I will never forget that person. I was on holiday in Korcula. I met six amazing teenagers yet one of them was really awesome…


    Korcula is an island  in Croatia. It’s a unique place. We stayed at a hotel.  My room  overlooked the sea and the mountains. After checking-in, I looked around. However, I felt very tired so that day ended earlier than the others.


     The next scorching  morning I went to the beach. I didn’t mind the heat  as I dreamt of a lovely suntan. I swam, sunburnt, relaxed.  I noticed a few people playing volleyball. I love this game so I joined them and so our friendship began.


     Once sitting on the seashore, I saw Mark - one of our group - passing by. We talked for a long time, so I was back so late that my parents began worrying. It was only a week and we fell in love. We spent almost every spare minute together. Finally, it had to finish. We couldn’t accept that thought. One moonlit night we walked to the beach and drew an enormous heart. We didn’t talk at all. We only touched our hands. It was upsetting since it was obvious that back in Poland we would be apart- Mark in northern and me in southern Poland .


     The farewell time came. Travelling  by a ferry was very depressing. Soon we were to say good-bye.  “We will meet again,  I promise”- said Mark leaving me with a slight smile. I thought Mark was very important for me but with time I realised he was only my holiday love.


     Now that I am thinking about that Croatian summer I would like to arrive at the same place with the same  people. However, we must go ahead and shouldn’t look back…






 VII miejsce     Błażej Czaja 17 lat    10 / 20 pkt.               

Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Kopernika

w Cieszynie




‘One Day My Friend Decided to Change His Life’




One day my friend decided to change his life. It happened one and a half year ago. Mark and I were two months from starting studying in high school when he told me that his dropping the school and is going to fulfill all his dreams. I was shocked and surprised by his decision. We had a long conversation in which I found out what was really going on in his head.


            Through all this years we spent together I’ve never seen him being sad or lost. He had no trouble with learning and he had a great contact with people. He also wasn’t getting into any trouble. He was a good student with average grades. Now he is telling me that under all of this there was a different person. So lonely although between hundreds of people, a guy who couldn’t find any happiness although he was so intelligent. Only his dreams were keeping him alive and give him hope. Mark kept pretending because he just wanted to finish this part of his education which for him seemed enough. I couldn’t believe that, I felt lied to. I was right next to him and I didn’t notice a single thing. He already talked with his parents and they decided to live the country and help him to fulfill every dream he has.


What could I do? Tell him to stay or yell on him about this terrible decision? Tell him why does he want to leave all his friend? I didn’t. In exchange I acted like a true friend should. I told him to leave and do whatever he wants. Fulfill his dreams no matter how hard they are and just simply be happy. He smiled and gave me a true man hug. And that was the last day I saw him.






SERDECZNIE GRATULUJEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!